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Historical background

The company was established in 1951 as Przedsiębiorstwo "Urządzenia Klimatyzacyjne" Śląski Zakład Produckji Pomocniczej” in Chełm Wielki, while the first industrial fan was manufactured on 22nd November of the same year. Between 1956 and 1961 the company had a status of a state owned establishment under the name “Wytwórnia Urządzeń Wentylacyjnych” and since 1961 Fabryka Wentylatorów “FAWENT” has been an official name of the company. In 1995 the company was transformed from a state owned to a private enterprise – joint stock company under the name Fabryka Wentylatorów “FAWENT” S.A.

FAWENT S.A. specializes in manufacturing large heavy-duty industrial fans, both centrifugal and axial, mostly intended for power industry but also for mining, chemical, wood, cement and food industries.

The structures of our fans are based on the documentation elaborated by our own Design and Research Offices, on the licenses of the leading fan suppliers from Germany and Great Britain, on the tests and experiments carried out by respected institutions and scientific societies like Instytut Techniki Cieplnej in Łódź, Instytut Spawalnictwa in Gliwice, Instytut Odlewnictwa, Politechnika Śląska. A rich machine park and a constant improvement on process engineering allow us to provide high-quality products.

In January 1998 Fawent received ISO-9001 certificate which has been maintained until now. The possession of SLV certificate (DIN EN ISO 1834-2) is the guarantee for best quality welding works. All the products are CE marked.

In 2014 Fawent S.A. designed, manufactured, delivered and assembled the largest axial variable pitch fan in its history. It was for Institute of Aviation in Warsaw. The fan was commissioned in January 2015. The impeller diameter of this fan is 7.000mm, while the drive motor power is 5.600 kW.
Over the last 60 years of professional activity, the company has become the leading supplier of modern industrial fans, recognized and esteemed for the high - quality products, both in and outside of Poland.